Hack Chicago Archives

Hack Chicago was a 24-hour high school hackathon that took place in July, 2018. With over $25,000 in cash sponsorship, 250 students in attendance, 40 projects created, it was the Midwest’s largest high school hackathon.

This is a documentation of how Hack Chicago was put together. It includes dozens of stories, resources, and tips — some exclusive to Hack Chicago as an event, others might be helpful for all new hackathon organizers. We hope that this can be a helpful resource to help more high school students run fun, impactful and high quality events in areas where events like hackathons are not as popular.

All information included in the archives are 100% real. In some places, we might have redacted out some information for security and privacy purposes, but most of the documents, conversations logs, and finances are completely authentic — they made Hack Chicago happen.

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