Tech Roulette: Program Rules

What is Tech Roulette?

Welcome to Tech Roulette! Tech Roulette is a 8-week long asynchronous game where you get to explore, learn, and build a series of randomly selected projects with a global community of students. Like any game or competition, there are rules in place to help everyone get the most out of the program. Please read through this page carefully before you proceed to start any projects.


  • The game lasts 8 weeks starting Saturday, July 3 to Friday, August 27.
  • Starting each Saturday at 8 PM Eastern Time, you are offered 3 projects to choose from. You should select one project from the randomly generated pool, and you cannot change your project after it has been selected.
  • You have until the following Friday at 8 PM Eastern Time to complete the project. After that time, your project will expire.
  • You can earn Chips, our in-game currency, by completing the modules within each project. You will only receive the Chips once your submission has been reviewed and approved by staff members.
  • You can re-submit any rejected submissions any amount of times throughout the week, but once the next project begins (Saturday 8 PM Eastern Time), you may only resubmit any remaining rejected submissions once.


  • You can redeem real-world prizes with Chips at the Roulette Exchange.
  • Before you redeem any custom prizes, you must purchase the current week’s “Roulette Select Goodie Bag”, which contains smaller exclusive gifts that rewards you for completing the week.
  • The Roulette Exchange’s reward selection is updated every Wednesday (following the next project release on Saturday), giving you an adequate amount of time to redeem rewards using the Chips you receive from the previous week.
  • Fulfillment Schedule: non-physical rewards are fulfilled every week via email. Physical rewards are fulfilled at the end of the program, so you will receive one and only one package. Hardware rewards are fulfilled within 2 weeks of you filling out the intent form. For most shipments, we will not provide a tracking number.
  • Once you place an order, you cannot cancel it.
  • We will not stop you from ordering the same reward multiple times.
  • Chips have no value in real currency. You cannot transfer Chips from one account to another. Execute Big reserves the right to modify the rewards, the implied Chip value, or anything related to the rewards system of Tech Roulette.
  • There are also Badges available to collect through a number of ways throughout the game.

What you CAN do

  • Use the internet and Google things for reference (documentations, Stack Overflow, GitHub repos, etc.)
  • Ask for help from staff, mentors, your fellow players, or basically anyone for help on specific challenges
  • Have fun, and make it fun for others!

What you CANNOT do

  • Spoil/Leak project contents and/or solutions to other players.
  • Post photos, recordings, or screenshots of others without their explicit consent.
  • Copy and paste large blocks of code from the internet. Note: if you are using smaller blocks of code from, e.g., Stack Overflow, you must cite the source in a comment.
  • Post your solutions publicly during the program.
  • Violate the Execute Big Code of Conduct while engaging in any Execute Big-hosted platforms, including but not restricted to: Tech Roulette, Discord, and emails.


Leap is a platform designed by Execute Big to host, run, and maintain Tech Roulette. You are subject to the following rules when participating in the game (in short, don’t do bad things!):

  1. During the game, it won’t be necessary to look at the HTML source, Javascript, or CSS on any webpages in order to complete projects. But you’re always to pay them a visit if you’re interested (you may even find some surprises)!
  2. You may not write any code to interact with the Tech Roulette platform software. You may be disqualified if we detect such an attempt during the game.
  3. In order to maintain fairness of the game, some interactions while you use our platform will be recorded, even when you are logged out. Sensitive information like your address or age will be redacted from the recording. Execute Big reserve the right to check any suspicion of cheating against these logs.
  4. If you believe you found a security issue or a design flaw of the platform, we ask that you remain ethical throughout the reporting process. General rules:
    • do not interfere with the operation of the game
    • do not modify or make copies of information that you are not supposed to have access to
    • do not disclose any vulnerabilities before we patch them
  5. Brute force is not a vulnerability. Any attempts to brute force our system may result in a permanent account/IP ban.


  • Engineering (Execute Big): Mingjie Jiang, Brian Xiang
  • Curriculum (Execute Big): Megan Cui, Christoph Gaffud
  • Replit Ventures Team: Soren Rood, Amjad Masad, YK Sugi, Carol Chen, Nathan Zilora

Special Thanks