Meet The Team

Founded by students, for students, Execute Big is bringing the beauty of computer science to all.

Execute Big is founded with the intention of giving back to the student hackers community. The idea is straightforward: we could not have become who we are today without the community, and now we’re passing that support on to more students.

Photo of Megan Cui

Megan Cui

Co-founder, Programs & Development

Harvard College '23

Megan made hackathons in the greater Cincinnati region the next big thing, running five hackathons of her own including the Midwest’s largest and Cincinnati’s first. Along with her programs, she has impacted 1000+ students across her community, receiving national media coverage and invitations to speak at corporate and community events.

Photo of Mingjie Jiang

Mingjie Jiang

Co-founder, Engineering

University of California, Berkeley '24

Mingjie started a series of beginner-oriented hackathons in the Washington D.C. area. He has mentored countless student leaders across the nation in the past few years, helping them start their own events. He is deeply committed to creating opportunities for less privileged computer science students, and he also works with CodeDay and Cal Hacks.

Photo of Julia Ding

Julia Ding

Engineering Intern

Liberal Arts and Science Academy '23

Being incredibly passionate about bridging the educational and gender gap in fields of technology, Julia founded her school’s Hack Club to introduce coding to more people. Aside from computer science, Julia is a lover of mathematics and enjoys playing the cello.

Photo of Kavish Shah

Kavish Shah

Operations Intern

El Toro High School '25

Kavish has always been driven to make computer science more accessible to the underprivileged community and has participated in multiple science fairs and hackathons. Kavish founded the Olympiad Club at his high schoool to encourage more people to explore the subjects of competitive mathematics, computer science, and science. In his free time Kavish likes playing tennis, reading, and investing.

Photo of Brian Xiang

Brian Xiang

Operations & Engineering Associate

University of Maryland '25

Brian is an aspiring web developer and cyber security enthusiast. He loves working with other passionate programmers, and enjoys tackling complex programming challenges in hackathons and CTFs. Brian hopes to inspire others to code, and has worked with many students as a former CodeDay volunteer of 2 years.

Other Contributors

Photo of

Fiona Xie

Fellowship Cohort 0 Facilitator

Carnegie Mellon University '23

Photo of

Sean Kim

Co-founder / Hack Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago '22