Privacy of Research Data

Dear organizers,

We understand that if your event did not collect direct consent from attendees to share non-PII data, you may not feel certain about sharing—this is completely up to your discretion. To aid you in your decision-making, we would like to share our privacy policy and promise.

For Your Event

  • Your event’s exact location and exact date(s) of running will never be shared. Instead, we will aggregate event data into certain regions with shared characteristics (Bay Area, SoCal, Midwest, South, etc.) and broad timeframes (1-2 year timeframes). This will make it difficult for anyone to trace back to your event.

  • The rest of your event’s information, such as your event name, leadership team, marketing methods, travel assistance, etc., will never be released in any form. Aggregates for broader regions may be shared, if necessary, to illustrate conclusions drawn from research.

For Your Students

  • In the case where personally identifiable information (PII) happens to be present (such as name, address, school, email address, etc.), we will filter and eliminate it from our dataset as soon as possible, and it will not be shared.

  • The only information that will be shared in the open-source dataset is age, gender, race, whether they actually attended the event (for attrition, if provided), and whether travel aid was provided.

With these guidelines in place, it would be extremely difficult to trace data back to an event or individual. For example, the data might say that there was a student who was 16, attended an event in the South in 2019 or 2020, Asian, did not receive travel aid, and female. In this case, it would be near impossible to figure out which event and which student this data is referring to.

Sample Public Data

ID Region Year Gender Race Age Attended? AidProvided?
1 South 2017/2018 Female Asian 17 Yes Yes
2 Midwest 2017/2018 Female White 15 Yes No
3 Bay Area 2019/2020 Nonbinary White 16 Yes No
4 Bay Area 2019/2020 Male Black 15 No No

Please contact us by reaching out to if you have any additional questions about our work and privacy promise. We look forward to working with you.

Download in PDF

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