We’re working on building the first open-source dataset on STEM event attendance, and we need your help—learn more about contributing your event data to our data set here.

The “Why”

Execute Big has previously focused on connecting students to incredible in-person opportunities. But, as the worldwide pandemic situation evolves, students who have to rely on community-run resources to acquire hands-on CS experience are being left behind.

Especially given recent events of police brutality and increasing concerns over racial equity in the U.S., this should be a major checkpoint for the tech industry, which is unfortunately notorious for its less-than-diverse culture. So, it’s more important now than ever that resources are being developed for students in need.

Where You Come In

At Execute Big, we have the knowledge and experience needed to approach the task of improving diversity in innovative CS programs from all angles. We’ve been event organizers, hackathon attendees, and founders of an organization that supports these programs. Using this data set, we hope to identify and research key trends in participation of underrepresented minorities in computer science to develop tangible proposals for improving diversity in tech.

We’re open-sourcing this data set so that others can also add onto and utilize it for research purpose, and as STEM events grow and evolve over time, this data set can continue to provide insight on what policies, programs, or tools are working and how well.

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Let’s Talk.

This project is led by co-founders of Execute Big: Megan Cui, a second-year at Harvard, and Mingjie Jiang, a first-year at UC Berkeley. Execute Big is a public charity with the EIN 85-2160468.

Have anything specific that you’d love to see included in the research? We are always willing to add your new ideas to our list. Please feel free to email to get in touch with us. You can also support us by donating. Let’s work together to create the future of CS education.