Travel Grant

A scholarship awarded to passionate high school hackers in need, giving them the opportunity to attend the best high school hackathons.

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Photo: Technica 2019, Justina Chua (Grant Recipient)

Here's the story.

In summer 2018, we organized Hack Chicago, the Midwest's largest high school hackathon to-date.

We're lucky. Since then, we've had the opportunity to experience dozens of fascinating student-run events like Hack Cincinnati, HackPenn and Windy City Hacks. But not everyone is that lucky, and not every high school hackathon can afford to provide travel aid.

We're here to help. Fill out an application, tell us your story, and we'll cover your travel expenses to get you to the best high school hackathons in the nation.

By students, for students.

Travel Grant is funded by a number of student-led high school hackathons with their excess sponsorship after the event.
Want to join us on our mission to support more students around the country? Let's get in touch.

How does it work?

There are only 4 steps to Travel Grant. You're only moments away from an amazing hackathon experience!



Submit your application, and convince us that it's worth sending you on a trip to an amazing event! Take your time — applications are approved on a rolling basis.



Join one of our directors for a short interview, so we can learn more about who you really are beyond your written application. And feel free to ask us anything!



Once you're approved, you can then book your travel, and attend the event of your choice! Hack away, make new friends, and be sure to take lots of pictures.



Share your event experience with us and your event organizers in the form of a blog or a video, so we can provide this experience to even more students!

Apply now.

There're no restrictions, no prerequisites, and no complicated forms. Answer a few questions, give us some time to review, and you'll be on your way to one of the best weekends of your life.

 Fill out the application

We typically respond to applications within 3 days.

Who can apply?

Any middle or high school student in need of travel assistance can apply for Travel Grant. Due to resource limitations, we're not able to provide support for college students.

How much money do I get?

Enough to cover your round-trip transportation to the event. In certain cases, we might offer partial coverage for your trip, but we will certainly support you to the maximum of our ability.

How do I write my application?

Be creative. You're not writing a college application. We're really curious to learn some interesting facts about you that we can't find elsewhere. Be specific: "I am passionate about coding" does not tell your story! But still keep your responses brief — generally under 350 words.

Can I apply to multiple events?

If you have multiple events in mind, you should only submit one application to the event that you want to attend the most. During the interview, let us know that you're considering other events, and we'll evaluate these choices with you. We are only able to support one event per student at a time.

How will I book my travel?

Once you're accepted, you will be responsible for booking travel yourself (we'll send you the terms upon acceptance). We'll reimburse the cost after the event. If you can't front the money, let us know, and we'll book the travel for you.

Why is there an interview?

Don't be stressed out about the interview! We just want to chat with you to get to know you better before we make our final call. Afterall, we need to make sure we're using our limited resources to support a real student!

How early should I apply?

At least 4-5 weeks before the event. To try to provide support for as many students as we possibly can, we tend to avoid booking travel on short notice. However, if your transportation cost does not increase with time — train, bus, etc., you may apply slight later. You can always fill out your application as early as you wish!

When will I receive the grant?

After the event, we will ask you to submit some form of reflection to us. The reflection can be in the form of a blog post, a video, a collection of pictures, and your project. The reflection will be shared with the event team, and we'll reimburse you via check as soon as we receive the reflection.

Which events can I go to?

Any high school hackathon that you're admitted to. Check with the hackathon first — they might be able to cover your travel already!

I have more questions...

Shoot us an email! [email protected] is the best address to reach us.

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