Fellow Application


We’re excited that you’re invited to apply to become an Execute Big Fellow. We promise that it will be an incredible journey.

As we mentioned before, this application will not require any technical knowledge or experience to complete — we are more interested in learning about the your creativity and character through the process. Therefore, don’t stress yourself out, and do your best!

The Prompt

Imagine you are a respected legislator making key decisions on behalf of your millions of constituents. Make a brief, thoughtful and compelling argument to advocate for one of the following declarations:

  1. All citizens' names should be required to be palindromic.
  2. Instead of walking, people should be required to gallop.
  3. Every time music plays, all people within range should be required to dance.
  4. Rollercoasters that do loop-de-loops are far better than rollercoasters that do not.
  5. Cinderella is the best Disney princess of all.
  6. Hufflepuff is the best Hogwarts house of all.

Additionally, you may also choose to propose your own declaration, but try to be as creative as possible!

Start your writing with “I belive that …”.

When you’re ready, you can submit your application at the link below, where you will be able to paste in your writing and fill out a brief survey about yourself. Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading what you have to share.

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