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Execute Big Fellowship is a six-week virtual program to introduce beginner students to the interdisciplinary world of computer science.

Our introductory program places an emphasis on learning about technology at work rather than traditional computer programming course experience. With a highly-personalized, interactive educational model, cohorts will leave with a nuanced understanding of the industry, professional mentorship, and a technical computer programming background to seal the deal.

Fellows & Facilitators of Cohort 0

Fellows & Facilitators of Cohort 0

Explore First

A career in technology seems synonymous with a computer programming desk job, but it doesn’t have to be. By facilitating experiences with many different industries and opportunities, we enable our fellows to take back the power to dictate their future and explore first.

Personalized for Every Fellow

At Execute Big, our core philosophy postulates that every single student deserves the chance to discover their spark. Computer science is an exciting, powerful field, but it is also one that is often inaccessible to students from demographically underprivileged backgrounds. We believe that a student shouldn’t experience less simply because they don’t live in a region with bountiful tech opportunities or attend a school with computer science classes. Our fellowship gives these students an opportunity they might not otherwise have to discover a spark for computer science.

A Chance for Everyone

A computer science education is hard to come by, and it can make technology seem like a far-away universe to students who don’t have access to computer science experiences. So, we shape this fellowship around these students, providing nuanced computer science curriculum and enabling students to acquire both professional and technical know-how for their future.

Weekly Schedule

This is a tentative weekly schedule at the Fellowship. All office hours are scheduled indivually between the students and the facilitators, and all weekend events will be pre-scheduled.

Day(s) Activity Led By
M/Tu/W/Th Career/Academic Office Hours Facilitators
M/Tu/W/Th Technical Office Hours Facilitators
F/Sa AMAs & Guest Lectures Guest Speakers
Su Workshops Facilitators

You can view our weekly curriculum here ».