We've organized innovative, purpose-driven events impacting thousands of students. Now, we help private institutions like yours to start your own.

What do our events look like? Upcoming: Hacks Academy

Photo: Hack Chicago, Max Chan

We know what it takes to build a stellar innovation program from ground up.

As high schoolers, we were lucky enough to experience the magic of hackathons.

We went on to run our own programs for our communities, build platforms for our schools, blog profusely about our stories, and share similar stories on a national stage.

We want to work with you to give your students a story of their own to tell.

Meet The Leaders.

Execute Big is founded by 3 experienced event organizers from 3 unique cities. Together, we bring insights from around the nation to help run successful programs in your region.

Megan Cui

Harvard University

Cincinnati, Ohio

Megan made hackathons in the greater Cincinnati region the next big thing, running five hackathons of her own including the Midwest’s largest and Cincinnati’s first. Along with her programs, she has impacted 1000+ students across her community, receiving national media coverage and invitations to speak at corporate and community events.

Mingjie Jiang

Thomas Wootton HS

Washington, DC

Mingjie started a series of beginner-oriented hackathons in the Washington D.C. area. As a part of the Hack Club core team, he has also mentored student leaders across the nation, helping them start their own events in 7 different states. Some of the events that he has worked with are now some of the largest and most successful in the nation.

Sean Kim

U. of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Sean helped kickstarting the high school hackathon community in the Midwest by starting his own. As the founder and director of some of most impactful events in the region, including Chicago Hacks, Code211, and Hack Chicago, he has continuously been impacting hundreds of high school students' lives from around the Midwest.

Work with us.

We know that fostering creativity and innovation at a young age sets the priceless foundation for student empowerment and success. We’ve already reached thousands of students, but we need your partnership to continue creating life-changing experiences.

With our help, you can be a pioneer in the field of education.

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What's the cost?

For each event, we charge a set amount to reimburse our team of event organizers as well as an extra 7% to support the operation of Hack Club, our parent program.

What is “hacking”?

No, we’re not “hacking” servers or databases. The word is being constructively re-defined as building things—apps, games, websites, etc.

How are we non-profit?

Execute Big is a subsidiary of a non-profit organization. The team only receives a fair compensation for their contribution, and the rest is passed on as a donation to the organization.

Got more questions?

We're more than happy to help out. We can be reached via email at [email protected]. You can schedule a call with us when you are next available via email as well.

Travel Grant: superpower for students in need.

We created a scholarship awarded to passionate high school hackers, giving them the opportunity to attend the best high school hackathons. Application opens today.