Code of Conduct

Execute Big creates inclusive exploration programs for everyone. To accomplish this, We need everyone’s help to keep our programs safe and productive.


  • Treat everyone with respect, support, and kindness.
  • Be thoughtful and humble when communicating ideas.
  • Don’t be destructive or inflammatory.
  • Additional rules may apply at in-person events.
  • If you encounter an issue, please mail, or contact an Execute Big staff directly.

Where does the Code of Conduct apply?

If you join in or contribute to the Execute Big ecosystem in any way, you are encouraged to follow the Code of Conduct while doing so.

Explicit enforcement of the Code of Conduct applies to all virtual and in-person programs run by Execute Big, and should be applied indifferently to everyone, including all staff, contractors, volunteers, and students involved. It will also apply to any online communities, forums, and other mediums of communication operated by Execute Big.

Please also note that depending on our venue or partner requirements, you may be required to follow an additional set of rules to participate in our programs (e.g. the Student Conduct of our host school, or the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct for member events). These will be distributed to you prior to the event.

Unwelcome Behavior

These actions are explicitly forbidden in Execute Big spaces and programs:

  • Expressing or provoking:
    • insulting, demeaning, hateful, or threatening remarks;
    • discrimination based on age, nationality, race, (dis)ability, gender (identity or expression), sexuality, religion, or similar personal characteristic;
    • bullying or systematic harassment;
    • unwelcome sexual advances, including sexually explicit content;
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or other illicit substances while attending a live event (online or offline).

Reporting Concerning Behavior

You may report any concerning behavior by emailing even when you are not directly involved, and an impartial staff will look into your case. Alternatively, if you are attending an in-person event, you may also report the behavior to an Execute Big staff or a school employee. We will do our best to make sure that your identity remains anonymous, and that you are provided with the results of the investigation.

If you are reporting behavior that directly involves an Execute Big staff, you may choose to directly email a non-involved staff through the contact information listed on our Team page.

School-Partnered Events: Title IX

If you are attending an Execute Big event hosted by or with an educational institution, and your report involves sexual harassment or violence, you have the right to report the behavior to an impartial school employee. Under Title IX, the school is required to conduct a fair, impartial investigation in a timely manner. You can learn more about your Title IX rights at


This Code of Conduct was adapted from Hack Club’s and CodeDay’s Code of Conduct. It is to be noted that many parts of Hack Club’s Code of Conduct are adopted from the Code of Conduct documents of the Go, Django, FreeBSD, and Rust projects.