Execute Big

A minimal & transparent student-run organization founded to enable all students to experience and explore computer science education.

Due to public health concerns, our regular programs are suspended until the COVID-19 emergency ends. However, we're keeping our promise to continue to impact the student hacker community with the launch of our own research project. Check out the website to learn more.


Building the first open-source dataset on STEM event attendance to identify trends among students of underrepresented demographics and develop ways to improve diversity in CS.

Travel Grant

A scholarship awarded to passionate high school hackers in need, giving them the opportunity to attend the best high school hackathons.


We've organized innovative, purpose-driven events impacting thousands of students. Now, we help private institutions like yours to start your own.

Organizer Advising

A free, selective advising resource supporting talented student hackathon organizers all around the world.

Featured Journal by Megan Cui

Q1 Impact Statement: The Start of Something Great

In July of 2019, I helped run the fifth and final hackathon of my high school career. Finally, my hackathon experience had come full circle: my last hackathon happened at the University of Cincinnati—the exact place where my journey had…